Kimmi Ott and I have been doing Pilates training for over two years.  Kimmi is an excellent teacher and trainer; her knowledge of anatomy and Pilates have combined to greatly improve my core strength and balance, like no other program that I have followed.  Kimmi is always cheerful and prepared with new ideas tailored to my personal needs. I am 73 years old, and plan to continue training with Kimmi as long as she’ll have me. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their core fitness and overall health.

~Jim Gresens

I began my journey into the world of Gyrotonic Method about a year ago. My body was feeling overloaded and stagnant in its current workout practices. Kim welcomed me into her studio whole-heartedly. She listened not only to my verbal concerns but she focused on my body’s movements and lack of movement.

The exercises on and off the equipment focuses the mind through breath and movements creating a rhythm of calm within. It also pushes the body to reach deep, extending muscles beyond their comfort zone in a gentle manner.

I now have a stronger core, wider range of motion and flexibility. In this busy world I highly recommend Kim’s extensive knowledge to help get you moving again or to fine tune your current workout  practice.

Erin Meehan

I’ve been attending Ottfit Pilates for several years now after receiving a gift certificate from my daughter. I knew that age and life were taking much of my strength, but this was a way of fighting back.  

Kimmi continues her training and happily shares her extensive knowledge with her students.  As an added benefit to these great classes where I continually see my progress are some friendships kindled with other students.     

Lynette Domanski Christ

I have been a client of Ottfit pilates for the last 2 ½ years. My only regret is that I did not find Ottfit or its owner  Kimmi Ott sooner. She has an outstanding knowledge of anatomy and movement. She has worked with me to solve and improve my physical issues. Don’t even give a second thought before making an appointment so Kimmi can help you help yourself. I highly recommend Ottfit studio and Kimmi Ott.

Judy S

“I have been taking Pilates with Kim for a several years now. You can go anywhere and take Pilates, a gym, a school, etc. and the price might be cheaper BUT you will never get the knowledge that you get with Kim. She knows every muscle, tendon, and bone in your body and is always learning new things. She has helped me more with my injuries then my 12 wks. of physical therapy! She is worth every Penny!”

Cindy McLaughlin

“OttFit Pilates offers a dynamic class each session and is never the same week to week. I love Kim’s positioning cues and the individual attention received. Her extensive knowledge on how our bodies anatomically should work is exemplified in the way she teaches our workouts. She even offers great suggestions on how to continue Pilates at home. Not only do I feel great after a workout, but stronger and standing taller! It’s the fastest exercise hour, I love my Pilates class! “

Jill H.

“I’ve done Pilates for over 12 years and have been fortunate to work with excellent instructors. Kim is particularly talented. She impresses me with her vast knowledge of the body anatomically, and her solid foundation for the practice of Pilates(and yoga)! She is well trained, enthusiastic and challenging. Most significantly she addresses the personal needs of her clients. She gives clear instruction and varies her classes regularly. The time flies! She is an inspiration. I can not recommend her more highly regardless of your experience level. You will get stronger and more flexible!” 

Maureen S

“As a dentist who also has scoliosis I thought Pilates would be helpful to strengthen both my neck & back. I have been training with Kimmi since 2009 & along with helping my back & neck, I realize how helpful strengthening my core with Pilates is. And she knows how to make our classes fun! Adapting exercises to fit my capabilities also helps me be able to gain confidence to achieve new levels in Pilates. I plan to continue my Pilates training. Kimmi’s studio OttFit Pilates is not only is very conveniently located, but it is such a well equipped facility. And I cannot say enough about her ability as a teacher & trainer!”

Mindy Weinman

It is my pleasure to share my experience with OttFit Pilates. I have been a student of Kimmi’s for close to five years now. Having enjoyed both private, semi private, and group instruction on all forms of equipment including the reformer, rollers, mat, Cadillac, jump board, stability chair & ladder barrel. I am pretty certain I have tried just about everything. It is so much fun to have a different workout each week focusing specifically on targeted areas of the anatomy and strengthening my core. Kimmi always helps me focus on my breathing and on keeping my core connected. She also assures that I avoid injury or mis-alignment by constantly checking and correcting my form. Her bubbly but yet serious demeanor keeps me interested and enthusiastic about returning each week knowing the upcoming session is going to be great!

Beth McCulloch

I began taking Pilates with Kimmi six years ago. It’s amazing to look back and realize how little core strength, balance and coordination I had then. Pilates has become one of the top priorities in my life because it’s had such a positive effect on my health and well-being. Kimmi has been instrumental in my commitment to Pilates. She balances toughness with humor and is attuned to how far to push her students while always keeping safety and correct form in mind. My family knows that nothing (or at least very little) takes priority over my weekly Pilates class!

Mariely Downey