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Boutique Pilates and Wellness Studio in Williamsville NY

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Hand-crafted Pilates and More to Achieve Your Body’s Personal Best

  • Are you tired of boring workouts that don’t get you the results that you are looking for?
  • Do you want to move and exercise without pain?
  • Are you ready to become stronger and take control of your body?

You deserve a workout that will help you feel good every day and experience joy and purpose through movement. At OttFit Pilates studio in Williamsville NY you will be challenged and empowered to become your personal best.

Why OttFit Pilates and Beyond

Quality and Results

Our dynamic workouts are customized to tailor to your specific needs.  Whether you are working in a private setting or in a small group class, each workout is unique and challenging and focused on your goals.

  • Reduce pain from injuries and scar tissue.
  • Stay challenged and see progress every session.
  • Expand you movement abilities with integrity and strength.
  • Feel and look better in your body.

We are invested in your investment, with consistency and commitment we will help you achieve your goals.

Commitment to Your Success

With over 20 years of studying movement, we provide a supportive learning environment for you to explore movement with guidance and coaching. Our  unique services will challenge your mind and body 3-dimensionally and help achieve your body’s fullest potential.

At OttFit Pilates and Beyond  we draw upon several modalities and use  specialized equipment to give you a workout that will

  • build strength
  • increase ROM
  • improve posture and mobility
  • reduce scar tissue and Fascial adhesions
  • alleviate stress and build confidence.


Personalized Experience

OttFit Pilates is a small boutique studio which allows us to give all of our clients personal attention and specific corrections.

  • Work out in a playful stress-free environment.
  • Be challenged to see continuous progress.
  • Stay mentally and physically engaged in your workout ( no more  boring or repetitive workouts)
  • Receive VIP experience during every session.

We are dedicated to your success and committed to your lifetime health and wellness.

What We Offer

Fit woman doing Pilates on the Reformer



Strengthen your core, improve posture and restore symmetry & balance. You will decrease pain and enhance performance while increasing endurance in the entire body.

Gyrotonic training in Buffalo NY



Create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility in your body by stretching and strengthening while stimulating the connective tissue throughout the body.

self myofascial release class



Eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance. You will learn specific techniques for effective self-massage utilizing Roll Model® Massage Therapy Balls.

Start Your Wellness Journey at a Premier Pilates Studio in the Buffalo area also offering the GYROTONIC® method.

OttFit Pilates and Beyond is a friendly and welcoming studio located in Williamsville, NY, just outside Amherst, and 15 minute drive from downtown Buffalo (get driving directions and address here.) We offer small group classes and private sessions to make sure that you are receiving personal attention and specific cuing for your individual needs.

“OttFit Pilates offers a dynamic class each session and is never the same week to week. I love Kim’s positioning cues and the individual attention received. Her extensive knowledge on how our bodies anatomically should work is exemplified in the way she teaches our workouts. She even offers great suggestions on how to continue Pilates at home. Not only do I feel great after a workout, but stronger and standing taller! It’s the fastest exercise hour, I love my Pilates class! ”

— Jill H.

Simple Steps to Get Started

Step 1

Choose an Intro Package

We offer 3 convenient packages to let you explore what Pilates can do for your body

Step 2

Book Your Session

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Step 3

Arrive 10 min Early

You will fill out paperwork and get familiar with the studio layout

My body was feeling overloaded and stagnant in its current workout practices. Kim welcomed me into her studio whole-heartedly. She listened not only to my verbal concerns but she focused on my body’s movements and lack of movement.

I now have a stronger core, wider range of motion and flexibility. In this busy world I highly recommend Kim’s extensive knowledge to help get you moving again or to fine-tune your current workout  practice.

Erin M.