At OttFit Pilates and Beyond, we are dedicated to your movement and embodiment experience. We are a place of learning and education with a strong emphasis on your Journey of Self-discovery. We educate you on your body’s unique structure and provide specific modifications and challenges in order for you to achieve your body’s fullest potential.

OttFit draws upon several modalities for you to obtain maximum results and specific training goals.

  • OttFit is a fully equipped Pilates Studio where we work with specific needs whether increasing strength and flexibility, or work with post rehabilitation and injury prevention.
  • We utilize the GYROTONIC® METHOD and it’s specialized equipment to take your body beyond its current limitations. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® provides freedom of movement, joint stability, opens energetic pathways, and leaves the body and spine refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • We will provide you with a solid foundation on self-massage techniques and tools that you will be able to practice at home to restore your soft tissue to optimum functioning capacity, break up scar tissue, and fascial adhesion’s to enhance the healing process.

We work with a wide range of clientele of all ages and abilities. Whether recovering from an injury, lifetime fitness, or high level athletes, OttFit Pilates and Beyond will create a program for you where you will find joy, success, and happiness through movement.

Our Locations


OttFit Pilates at The Village Glen is our main training facility. We are a fully equipped Pilates Studio offering private, semi-private and group classes. We also offer private training in the GYROTONIC® Method and group GYROKINESIS® Method classes at this location.


OttFit Pilates services are also offered in Orchard Park with a limited group class schedule and private Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method Training.

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